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Youngsta played a big part in the creation of a growing sub genre of dubstep, often refered to as the 'deep, dark dungeon sound'. I prefer to just call it deep, minimal dubstep, but a label's a label so call it what you want! We're talking about really tightly produced, bass-heavy tunes, with lots of space. Youngsta pioneered this sound and though he is primarily a DJ, he has worked with producers like Kryptic Minds, Icicle, LX-One and Ben Verse who make tracks of this style. Most of the sets here are from his Rinse FM show with Toast, who in my opinion is the best MC ever! No machine gun lyrics with Toast - he has a really chilled style and really complements Youngsta's mixes perfectly...Massive respect to the Toast!

Youngsta's Three Deck Mixes

For those who don't know, Youngsta loves his 3 deck mixes and will often bring a third track in to the mix, just as a tease. In most tracklists, you will probably see '>>>>' arrows instead of a track time. This indicates that the track has been 'teased' in to the mix.


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Mixes by Youngsta

Youngsta RinseFM 261112 (J:Kenzo)

Mr Kenzo visits the studio once again with some fresh plates to spin, LX and Toast take the mic.

26 November 2012
Youngsta b2b J:Kenzo + Toast & LX ONE Rinse FM
Rating: 5 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 191112 (Seven)

Flawless guest mix from Seven this week, featuring some massive new productions by himself, Dubtek & Asylum.

19 November 2012
Youngsta, Seven, Toast & SP:MC Rinse FM
Rating: 5 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 121112

Youngsta flying solo this week with an absolutely immaculate two hour mix full of unreleased gems. Toast & LX ONE mastering the ceremony.

12 November 2012
Youngsta, Toast & LX ONE Rinse FM
Rating: 5 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 051112 (Leon Switch)

Leon Switch of Kryptic Minds joins Yunx for a back to back session, throwing down a silly amount of new dubs, as is tradition for KM!..With the one and only Toast on mic duties!

05 November 2012
Youngsta b2b Leon Switch (Kryptic Minds) 2012
Rating: 4.8182 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 291012 (Amit)

Amit joins Youngsta & Toast to celebrate the release of Killer Driller with a huge guest mix. Youngsta takes over for the second hour with yet another exceptional mix.

29 October 2012
Youngsta, Toast & Amit Rinse FM
Rating: 5 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 221012 (Ben Verse)

Masses of stunning new material from Verse & Asylum, with SP:MC joining Toast & Verse on the mic. Youngsta takes over for the second half with some jaw-dropping mixes!

22 October 2012
Youngsta, Toast, Ben Verse, Asylum & SP:MC
Rating: 4.7143 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 151012

Brilliant session with plenty of fresh material and some of the best mixing I've heard from Youngsta in a while...Toast & LX ONE on mic duties.

15 October 2012
Youngsta, Toast & LX ONE Rinse 2012
Rating: 4.8571 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 081012 (Yayné)

Truth drop a guest mix in the first half and Yayné graces the mic with her beautiful voice before heading back to NZ. Yunx and Toast take control for the second hour.

08 October 2012
Youngsta, Truth, Yayné & Toast Rinse 2012
Rating: 4.6 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 011012 (Icicle)

Two of the best get down to some serious back to back business...Icicle bringing some friendly competition with some superb three deck mixing!

01 October 2012
Youngsta b2b Icicle & Toast October 2012
Rating: 4.8333 stars
Youngsta RinseFM 240912 (J:Kenzo)

Kenzo's back in the studio for a fierce back to back session with Yunx! Toast & LX on the mic duties.

24 September 2012
Youngsta b2b J:Kenzo with Toast & LX-One September 2012
Rating: 5 stars
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