Calibre: SunAndBass Podcast #32 (January 2015)

Calibre: SunAndBass Podcast #32

Podcast #32 from SunAndBass and the first for 2015, comes from one of the masters of DnB, Calibre. A lesson in the creation of sound - no names, genres, pigeonholes needed, just genuinely fantastic music.

Calibre: SunAndBass Podcast Tracklist

Calibre - Sant
Vangelis - The Sleeping Beauty
Bremen - Sun Son 
Calibre - Lost
Dominick Martin - Beyond 
Iasos - The Winds Of Olympus 
Calibre - So Right
Mary Lattimore - Pluto The Planet
Calibre - Sand Promise
Calibre - Collision
Calibre - Waiting For You
Calibre - Thunder Front
Calibre - Poke
Calibre - Don’t Watch This
Calibre - Heute
Mi:sti:cal - Secret Love
Calibre - Error Errant
Duane Pitre - Section I


Calibre: SunAndBass Podcast

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