Phaeleh Kryptik Elementz Dubstep Mix

Phaeleh Kryptik Elementz Mix

Probably my favorite chill mix ever here by the genius Phaeleh... Watching the sunrise at a festival in the countryside with this mix playing is pretty much my idea of heaven!

Tracklist for Phaeleh Mix:

0:00 Phaeleh - Cheki buy dubstep mp3
2:43 Phaeleh - Soulfunk
7:31 Phaeleh - Lykasea
9:22 Phaeleh - Isolate buy dubstep mp3 buy dubstep vinyl
11:39 Phaeleh - Rise (feat. Indi Kaur)
13:57 Phaeleh - Iscabe Piano buy dubstep mp3
16:41 Vaccine - Atrium (Phaeleh Remix) buy dubstep mp3 buy dubstep vinyl
18:58 Phaeleh - Lounge buy dubstep mp3 buy dubstep vinyl
21:43 Phaeleh - Memories (feat. Anneka)
24:27 Phaeleh - Unwanted (feat. Anneka)
28:35 Phaeleh - There Will Come Morning (feat. I-mitri)

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