J:Kenzo SeeSickSound Podcast (March 2014)

J:Kenzo SeeSickSound Podcast (March 2014)

A 45 minute mix from J:Kenzo, including beats from both dubstep and drum & bass tempos, recorded for French music magazine 'See Sick Sound'.

J:Kenzo SeeSickSound Podcast Tracklist

Cue    Artist - Title (Remix)                 
Ishan Sound - NM Dub (Kahn Remix)
TMSV - Scorpion     
Bukez Finezt - Under Control [SUBWAY]
Amit feat. Rani - Your Native God
Skeptical - Something In The Sound
J:Kenzo - Ricochet (VIP) [TEMPA]
LX ONE - Distorted Politics
Thelem - Haunted Harmonics         
Jubei & J:Kenzo - Visions [METALHEADZ]                 
Thelem - Shottaz [Artikal Music]
Concealed Identity - Kuniyoshi [Tribe 12]
Morphy - Version     
Pawn & Calculon - Larchmont (Om Unit Remix) [Shoot Recordings]
Digital & Morphy & Raiden - Cheeky [Temah Music]
J:Kenzo - Intalek     
Thelem - Forces Of Nature
Homemade Weapons & Gremlinz & Collinjah - After Dark (J:Kenzo Remix) [UNTERTON]
Alix Perez - Gully Halves
Nitri - Against Our Will (J:Kenzo Remix) [HORIZONS]

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