Biome PYC Sessions Dubstep Mix

Biome PYC Sessions Dubstep Mix

Biome seems to have slipped under the radar up until now. Youngsta dropping 'Propaganda' seemed to open up people's eyes to Biome and since then, he is getting some of the recognition he deserves. This mix features a lot of exclusive Biome tracks along with a couple of other tunes and has a really unique sound to it, definitely worth a listen!

Biome Mix Tracklist

0:00 Biome - Propaganda
4:34 Indigo - Primal
6:24 Biome - Tunnel
8:13 Biome - Thermopylae
10:30 Biome - Mescaline
14:10 Versa and Rowl - Moon
17:22 Biome - The Sentinal
20:55 Indigo - Terra
23:35 Indigo - Elysian
26:18 Biome - Rubicon
28:50 Biome - Psylock
31:30 Biome - Lychee
34:30 Lewis B - Dark Clouds (Synkro Remix)
37:30 Biome - Conscience
41:00 Synkro - Dwelling

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