Top Rated Dubstep/Drum & Bass Mixes 2013

The highest rated Dubstep / Drum & Bass mixes on the site this year, ordered by rating, so the top rated mix appears at the top of the list.

31 January 2013
VIVEK RinseFM (310113)
VIVEK Rinse FM 31st January 2013

VIVEK starts the show with a good dose of roots music, followed by a varied dubstep selection.

Rating: 5 stars
11 February 2013
Biome RinseFM 110213
Biome & Toast Rinse FM 11th February 2013

Biome covers for Youngsta this week on rinse with a first class selection. Biome's also just release two brand new EPs, if you haven't bagged them already, I highly advise you do so right now ;)

Rating: 5 stars
09 January 2013
J:Kenzo RinseFM 090113
J:Kenzo RinseFM Podcast 2013

Amazing show from J:Kenzo- Two hours packed full of quality bass music, one for the archive!

Rating: 5 stars
19 November 2013
Xtanki: TSD Podcast #39
Take a step to Dub Podcast 39: Xtanki

Deep dubstep mix by Xtanki with some superb blending. Recorded for the Take a Step to Dub Podcast.

Rating: 5 stars
15 November 2013
Audhentik Promo Mix (Nov 2013)
Audhentik Promo Mix (Nov 2013)

Quality mix from German dubstep DJ Audhentik; featuring tracks from Truth, Kahn and Biome and more!

Rating: 5 stars
10 April 2013
Hanover: DnB Promo Mix April 2013
Hanover: DnB Promo Mix April 2013

Short but stunning half hour mix from Hanover, with a top selection of 170 half-step.

Rating: 5 stars
04 March 2013
Youngsta RinseFM 040313 (Killawatt)
Youngsta, Killawatt Toast, LX Rinse FM

Youngsta returns from an epic US tour and is ready for action, with Toast at hand on mic duties and Killawatt performing an exceptional guest mix.

Rating: 5 stars
12 May 2013
Youngsta RinseFM 120513 (Kaiju)
Youngsta, Kaiju, Flowdan & Toast 13th May 2013

Kaiju join Yunx and Toast this week, bringing a whole host of exclusive dubs to the Rinse studio for their guest mix and Flowdan joins the party, dropping bars like a vending machine!

Rating: 5 stars
05 May 2013
Deeper Vibrations Podcast #2 (050513)
Deeper Vibrations #2 Podcast 5th May 2013

Weekly podcast, featuring a careful selection of new exclusives, mixed with older classics. Tune in every Sunday, 6pm - 8:30pm GMT to catch the live show.

Rating: 5 stars
21 December 2013
Deeper Vibrations Podcast #9 (211213)
Deeper Vibrations Podcast #9 (December 2013)

We've picked out some of our favourite free tracks from the past few years and thrown them together into a special Christmas mix, enjoy!

Rating: 5 stars
20 May 2013
Youngsta RinseFM 200513 (Old Skool)
Youngsta, Toast & Task 20th May 2013

Power hour business this week! Youngsta brings us some old classics and Task joins Toast on mic.

Rating: 5 stars
23 May 2013
VIVEK RinseFM 230513 (LAS)
VIVEK Rinse FM 23rd May 2013

Fourty five minutes of roots, a guest mix from LAS and some 140 bass from VIVEK to finish. Pure quality!

Rating: 5 stars
03 June 2013
Youngsta RinseFM 030613 (Distance)
Distance & Toast 3rd June 2013

With Youngsta on tour, Distance joins Toast in the Rinse studio to serve up a blinding two hour show.

Rating: 5 stars
15 September 2013
Indigo1: Outer Space vol.3
Indigo1: Outer Space vol.3

Fresh mini-mix from Bosnia & Herzegovina based producer 'Indigo1'.

Rating: 5 stars
07 January 2013
Youngsta RinseFM 070113 (DnB)
Youngsta & Toast RinseFM January 2013

First show of 2013 and what a start to the year...Youngsta & Toast on top form, immaculate mixing and some exclusive 170 treats to finish the last half hour.

Rating: 5 stars
25 March 2013
Youngsta RinseFM 250313 (VIVEK)
Youngsta b2b V.I.V.E.K & Toast March 25th 2013

V.I.V.E.K joins Youngsta for a back to back session not to be missed, with Toast on mic duties.

Rating: 5 stars
27 May 2013
Youngsta RinseFM 270513 (Asylum)
Youngsta, Asylum, Ben Verse & Toast 27th May 2013

Asylum and Verse join Youngsta and Toast this week, Asylum showcasing his latest tunes with a solid guestmix!

Rating: 5 stars
28 September 2013
Mystical Vibration: Deep Review Vol.6
Mystical Vibration: Deep Review Vol.6

Latest in the Deep Review series from Mystical Vibration, with lots of new releases from the last month or so.

Rating: 5 stars
09 September 2013
Youngsta RinseFM 090913 (Kursk)
Kursk, Youngsta & Toast RinseFM 9th September 2013

Kursk, the man behind Innamind kicks off this weeks show with a guest mix, featuring some of the new LAS beats just released on IMRV006.

Rating: 5 stars
25 July 2013
VIVEK RinseFM 250713 (Gantz)
VIVEK System Roots & Gantz Rinse FM 25th July 2013

Pure positive vibes for the first hour with System roots music. Gantz takes over for the second hour, taking things deeper and darker, with a guest mix featuring plenty of unreleased sounds!

Rating: 5 stars