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Kryptic Minds consists of the two producers/DJs Simon Shreeve and Brett Bigden (Leon Switch). The pair got together in the late 90s and have produced a range of styles since. They became well known in the Drum & Bass scene after releasing a number of well respected EPs and in 2007 they released their debut highly acclaimed album "Lost In Faith". If you haven't heard any of their early 170bpm material then I highly recommend it.

In 2009 they released their first album of 140bpm half-step, titled "One of Us”. Swamp 81 signed this album and it was a big turning point for them, sending a shock wave into the dubstep scene. They soon gained support from many of the top DJs and Youngsta was soon to give the duo lots of well deserved airplay on his Rinse FM show. Kryptic Minds also run their label; 'Osiris Music UK' which has since released a number of records, each and every one of outstanding quality. I would confidently recommend anyone into the half-step sound to buy their entire back catalogue!

Mixes by Kryptic Minds

04 February 2013
Kryptic Minds: Fabric Mix Feb 2013
Kryptic Minds: Fabric Mix (February 2013)

Kryptic Minds really take you on a sonic journey in this mix, starting out with deep atmospheres, with an epic build up into lots of brand new Kryptic Minds/Osiris material. Definitely a mix to listen to from start to finish!

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18 March 2013
Kryptic Minds - Namaste (OSMUK027EP)
Kryptic Minds - Namaste EP (Osiris Records)

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05 November 2012
Youngsta RinseFM 051112 (Leon Switch)
Youngsta b2b Leon Switch (Kryptic Minds) 2012

Leon Switch of Kryptic Minds joins Yunx for a back to back session, throwing down a silly amount of new dubs, as is tradition for KM!..With the one and only Toast on mic duties!

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19 November 2012
Kryptic Minds - The Divide (OSMUK 023)
Kryptic Minds - The Divide / Rule Of Language

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28 May 2012
Youngsta RinseFM 280512 (Icicle, KM)
Youngsta b2b Kryptic Minds b2b Icicle RinseFM 28th May

Kryptic Minds and Icicle join Youngsta behind the decks for a three way back to back session. Toast and LX-One on mic duty.

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26 May 2012
Kryptic Minds Boiler Room Mix
Kryptic Minds: Boiler Room 40 Minute Mix

Si from Kryptic Minds performs a killer 40 minute mix, streamed live for Boiler Room TV.

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04 June 2012
Biome/Kryptic Minds : The Raven/Hybrid
Biome & Kryptic Minds - The Raven / Hybrid

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16 December 2010
Youngsta RinseFM 161210 (Kryptic Minds)
Youngsta RinseFM Mix with Kryptic Minds 16th December 2010

Youngsta & Toast bring us another great show with guests LX One and Kryptic Minds.

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19 September 2011
Youngsta RinseFM 190911 (Kryptic Minds)
Youngsta b2b Kryptic Minds RinseFM 19th Sept 2011

Epic showdown as Youngsta goes back to back with Kryptic Minds

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07 September 2011
Distance RinseFM 070911 (Kryptic Minds, J:Kenzo, Tunnidge, Cyrus, V.I.V.E.K)
Distance RinseFM + Kryptic Minds, J:Kenzo, Tunnidge, Cyrus, VIVEK

Distance is joined by J:Kenzo, Cyrus, Tunnidge, Vivek and Kryptic Minds on his show this week to celebrate the release of Dubstep Allstars Vol. 08...Bring on the dubs!

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28 December 2011
Kryptic Minds Electronic Beats Mix
Kryptic Minds Exclusive mix for Electronic Beats Radio

Kryptic Minds mix recorded exclusively for Electronic Beats Radio including a new track from Kaiju who has just been signed to Osiris.

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16 May 2009
Kryptic Minds: Blackdown Studio Mix?
Kryptic Minds Studio Mix? for Blackdown

Classic mix here from Kryptic Minds, recorded in 2009 for the Blackdown blog & still sounding fresh today!

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07 January 2011
Kryptic Minds RBMA Mix
Kryptic Minds RMBA Mix

Kryptic Minds, masters of the deep and minimal sound bring us an hour of their superb productions in this mix for Red Bull Music Academy. 

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