I have an un-measurable amount respect for Calibre, he has done so much for Drum & Bass and is without doubt one of the founding fathers of DnB!

Mixes by Calibre

01 January 2015
Calibre: SunAndBass Podcast #32
Calibre: SunAndBass Podcast #32 (January 2015)

Podcast #32 from SunAndBass and the first for 2015, comes from one of the masters of DnB, Calibre.

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18 August 2011
Calibre & SP:MC live Sun & Bass 2011
Calibre & SP:MC live at Soul:ution / Sun & Bass 2011

Simply beautiful set from the grand master himself, with SP on the mic. I have so much respect for both SP and Calibre, drum and bass wouldn't be the same without them!

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